Future of Accounting Jobs

The future of accounting is bright according to the Job Market Survey Statistics, which projects a 34% increase in Accounting Job openings by next financial year. Demand of Accounting Jobs is especially high in the International Sector.According to the survey, as the global economy grows, the number of international & national business establishments will increase, requiring more accountants and auditors to set up books, prepare taxes, and provide management advice. Changing regulations and financial laws, and increased scrutiny of company finances will also drive growth.Accounting: Job Options Audit
The work of an auditor involves examination of accounting of financial statements and ledgers within corporations and government.Budget AnalysisA budget analyst has to develop and manage organizations financial plans. There exist extensive job opportunities in this area both in government and private sector.FinancialFinancial accountants prepare financial statements and are engaged in significant financial decisions involving mergers & acquisitions, planning and long-term financial projections.Management AccountingManagement accountants participate in judgments about business analysis capital budgeting. Their job profile consists of cost analysis, analysis of new contracts and participation in efforts to control expenses in efficient manners.TaxTax professionals prepare personal and corporate income tax statements and formulate tax strategies. This kind of work requires an extensive knowledge base of economics and current tax codes.Accountants Work at: Public Accounting Firms
Professionals in such enterprise work in partnerships, which bestow accounting services to individuals, businesses and government. This field offers progressive potentials to audit managers, tax managers or partners.Government
Government accountants have the options of working at the local/state level or the central level. They may be involved with administration and formulation of budgets, program analysis or cost tracking.Various Corporations International Corporations, be it big or small commonly have an accounting group (consisting of audit manager, tax manager & cost accounting manager), which prepares the firm’s fiscal statements, tracks costs, handles tax issues and works on international transactions.

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